Sunday, June 8, 2014

Work Work Work!

Hi everyone, WOW where did the time go? Vacation did not seem quite long enough or maybe it was a little too long. Do I have you confused yet? heehee!

While on vacation what started out as an exciting time became an OMG after obtaining a nice long case of food poisoning the first night on the road. By night 3 I found myself begging in the Biloxi Regional Medical Center ER for IV fluids and ANYTHING that would stop this awful crisis. I did receive some amazing care and by night 4 I was able to at least sit upright for longer than a few   minutes to see The Biloxi Little Theatres performance of one of my most favorite movies

 "Steel Magnolias"

It I might say was AWESOME!!!!!

We did manage to have a lovely visit with my family while there. Then after coming back we had more family  venture in from Fla. Great time and fun. We even spent time sharing art ideas and I was able to turn them on to a few cool web sites for art supplies!! Can't wait to see what they create.

After they left I have been diligently spending time in the studio completing projects. I wanted to get my travel tubes listed before now but after a week long bout with the food poisoning and then going right in to having out of state company well this gal was totally pooped (no pun intended) LOL!!

But all is well now and so without further ado check out what I have been up to!!

Yep, these two pieces of art have been completed and listed in my etsy store! They are so hard to get rid of (I really need to make one for myself) but away they must go to the shop.

 Here's the link:

I am creating more as these are my passion right now. I will be creating some really cool items as well as I am gearing up to venture out into the Art Show world this fall. So please keep coming back and checking out what I am doing. I hope to start doing some small free online classes and swaps soon so please keep peeking in.

Until next time,
                                             Happy Arting!!