Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spotlight Tuesday

Welcome to today's Spotlight Tuesday everyone so glad you popped by. Today's featured artist comes to us from a beautiful desert place where dreams come to life in a little southwest atelier.

There you will find whimsical beings calling out from behind little windows


Things with wings swooping with gaiety



Anthologies of quotes, vintage papers, substrates and found objects just waiting to be cleverly gathered and created into something magnificent!!

Oh, and the colors that promulgate from her Desert Dream Studio!! 
 Can you just


If you haven't figured out by now who today's artist is, let me introduce you.
Please welcome the VERY Talented

Mary Jane makes her home in Las Vegas Nevada and is primarily a self taught mixed media artist with a primary focus in collage.
One of my very favorite pieces "The Abundant Heart" featured below, is a piece Mary Jane created for  St Judes Children Research Hospital and was auctioned off at the 2012 Las Vegas Honors St Jude Gala Affair of the Art. Mary Jane loves creating art to help her community raise funds for deserving charities.

Being a retired Trauma/Critical Care RN  it's not hard to see why this piece stands out to me!! 
Brilliant MJ, Simply Brilliant!!

While Mary Jane's wonderful work has been displayed in galleries in Las Vegas and Utah her true passion is in the teaching of art. She has been a faculty member /instructor over at Artful Gathering a WONDERFUL Online Retreat  for several years and I can tell you first hand her passion for teaching speaks for itself.

It was through one of  her classes I came to be friends with Mary Jane. (I had already been a follower of hers for some time on Facebook through swaps and such) She is such an amazing and supportive person who totally lives what she writes,  " artists are a tightly knit group of individuals who share a strong common bond... we share our ideas, help and support each other in our endeavors to express ourselves. I find this one of the greatest parts of being an artist."   She is always willing to share a helpful hint or idea as she cheers you on and ALWAYS has a kind word! If you have never taken a class from Mary Jane I HIGHLY recommend it!

Speaking of classes, she is busy in the studio as I write preparing for her upcoming class this summer over at Artful Gathering.


I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED for this class!! It is going to be AMAZING!!!!
To find out more on how you can participate click on the link here and check it out!!

                         You can find  DVDs to her other amazing classes there as well.

Honestly though friends, apart from the classes, MJ is amazing and I am SO blessed to know her and call her my friend. She has been a beautiful source of support for me through my artful endeavors. I look forward to one day being able to meet her in person but for now we art on as soul sisters in the web world and I invite you to join us. If you get a chance pop in on her facebook page and tell her hello.
To read more about Mary Jane and to see more of her most AMAZING and Inspiring Art click on the provided links!


Well, thanks for joining me everyone. Until next time, have a beautiful artful week!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hey Hey Hey!!! We have a WINNER!!! 

 But, before I make the big announcement I just want to say Thank You for all the beautiful inspiring words. I love and value all your kindness!   Even though your number may not have been chosen do not fret!! 


Because I think ALL of you are so AMAZING and I value each and every one of you!
SOOO Guess What?
 EVERYONE who posted a comment is a WINNER!!!! 

I am giving away a little gift coupon to the rest of you to use in my store . Just email me to receive your coupon code. You will have 30 days to use it!

So now without further ado

Drum Roll Please

The Winner is

Congratulations Marie! Please drop me a pm on facebook or email me with your addy and I will get your zippered pouch on it's way!!!

Well, Thanks everyone for dropping in and playing along. Be sure and keep coming back. Next Tuesday is "Spotlight Tuesday" you won't want to miss out!!!

Have a Blessed weekend folks!!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Hey gang, Thanks for popping by!! I bet you heard there was a giveaway going on here in my little atelier. Well  you heard right!! But first things first! (yes you have to read my post! LOL)  I am over the moon excited to share with you what I have been working on lately.

A couple of weeks ago I got the bright idea to create a little zippered pouch using images of some of my favorite art pieces. Most of you know I love mixed media and assemblage and OOH how I love to create using collage images as well. My poor studio looks like a human paper shredder on speed has ram sacked it every time I get to creating!

My desk actually looked really good!! You should have seen the floor!

 I love using collage images in my work and I can tell you if you have never been over to Mischief Circus and checked out all the wonderful and talented collage artists and there kits you are totally missing it!! A couple of my all time faves are CrowABout StudioB, Tumble Fish Studios and ItKupilli!! They are a MUST see!!  Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I took some of my favorite pieces and created these super cute zippered pouches.

 Totally on a whim I decided to put them in my Etsy store. Well, I am humbled to say you know the rest of the story!! What a Blessing!! Now I am snipping and sewing my little heart out!!

So in honor of a successful whim, you guessed it I'm giving away a sample!

 I must admit there is a little flaw in this sweetie but I couldn't throw it away. What was an artist to do? After much debate and suggestions from all my SUPER DOOPER Artsy Fartsy sista's I decided to give it away!! So here is all you have to do... If you don't mind a little flaw and would like a chance to win this cutie then EXPRESS YOURSELF  in my comments section here on my page to enter the drawing. NOTE**** If you do not have an account and need to post as anonymous please leave your name in the comment so I will know who you are!!!  Then on Saturday April 18th I will have the random number generator draw a winner!! You have until 6pm Central time Saturday.

Well, that's all Folks! Thanks for popping in and I wish all of  YOU, my AMAZING precious friends a beautiful Friday!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi everyone and welcome to my NEW Spotlight Tuesday!!
Join me today in my first Tuesday of many to come as I introduce you to some of my most amazing art sista's!! Here you will find some Fantastic artists, get to know them a little and see what is happening in the their creative world!!

Today I want to introduce you to my awesome friend from Ontario Canada. But before I do, as I shared with you last week I participated in an Artist Trading Block swap over in the Imaginarium "Anthology of an Art Doll" a facebook group hosted by the ever so awesome Mary Jane Chadbourne!! Well here is a peek at the beautiful block I received from our Spotlight Artist!!

Isn't she AWESOME!!  Imagine my delight upon receiving her!!
Who is this Fantabuous artist you ask? Well let me introduce you to.......

You will find Laura busy in her little Canadian Papier Atelier working on Character Constructions aka BEAUTIFUL Paper Dolls amongst many other exceptional doll creations.



Laura loves "spending time with family and making everyday count"! Her love for paper and creating one of a kind paper dolls truly stands out and I must agree that  " Every whimsical Fashionista Palooza tells their own magical story with a Happy ending"!  Her work has been featured in such magazines as Somerset Studio and Stampers Sampler.

It is always a pleasure chatting with this lovely artist. She always brings a ray of sunshine to our conversations and posts! She is inspiring just as she is passionate and loves sharing her artistic visions and teaching mixed media.  Her happiness and love for people and art penetrates all who come into contact with her and I am one lucky artist to know her and get to swap with her. I look forward to one day meeting her in person!!

You can find out more about  Laura and see more of her beautiful creations on these links to her Facebook and  her blog. You can also see more of her work over at

I hope you have enjoyed todays Spotlight Artist. Please remember to check her out, leave her a sweet message tell her Mel'odee sent you!

Have a beautiful day everyone and be watching for a most AWESOME GIVEAWAY coming on FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

OOPS The Bunny Arted!!!

Creative Mess Anyone?

 Thought I would pop in and tease you with some yummy color this am. After all Spring is finally here or at least it is supposed to be (only in good ol' Mo can you have tornados one day and snow the next)!!
 I have been busy in the studio creating some really fun items for my etsy store and loving all the colors. Looking like the Easter Bunny has just dumped his Paint palette of egg dye all over my dining room table!! Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying the colors of spring and the smell of all things new and fresh! Remember to BELIEVE in yourself knowing that when you do GREAT things can happen and will!!! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Busy Becoming and A Penny For Your Thoughts

Hi everyone,
Well, I have been busy Becoming this year!! Several personal things going on plus changes coming to Atelier Mel'odee! While I am having fun there have been some very trying times. Becoming hasn't been always been easy but nothing worth becoming ever is right? Thank goodness for ART!! 

Lots of good stuff going on in the Studio! I have been creating lots of goodies for my etsy store you can find some wonderful goodies here:

I participated in my vary first chunky artist trading card swap over at the Imaginarium on facebook hosted by the ever so wonderful Mary Jane Chadborne of Desert Dream Studio. Mary Jane will be
teaching a wonderful new online class again this year over at Artful Gathering. I can't wait for to see what she will be teaching!! More on that later

 Here is my piece which went to Canada!!

"A Penny For Your Thoughts"

Isn't this guy just a cutie!! You just gotta LOVE images from Tumble Fish Studios!!
I really enjoyed this swap.
I received a wonderful piece in return however you will have to come back to see later in the week, when I feature the amazing Laura Haviland here on the blog!!!
Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you will join me again!
Happy Arting my Friends!!