Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scissors, Paper and Glue Books

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

Whew have I been a busy crazy girl lately!! Yeah Yeah, I'm crazy all the time but hey- Busy, Busy,   can make a gal crazy can I have an AMEN!! LOL

 So much creativity going on in my world you just would not believe it!! As most of you know I have taken a little time off to participate in the Anthology of An Art Doll class by Mary Jane Chadbourne. I'm currently working on doll number 3 of 5 while learning to sculpt!

I know I know, only doll 3?   Yep, I am slow but oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day right? LOL  But I'm sure having some fun!!!

Now what some of you don't know however is that I am also hosting a swap over in 'The Studio-A Thriving Artist Community" started by April Cole on facebook!! What an amazing group of artists!!!  (click on the link above to no more on how to join all are welcome!!) 

 Artists running with scissors, slinging paint, paper, glue and gesso EVERYWHERE!!

The swap is called "Mini Glue Book Round Robin" What is a "Glue Book" some of you may be wondering?  Well the urban dictionary defines it as this: What is a gluebook?
In short, a glue book is whatever you want it to be. Helpful, eh? ;) Generally the term refers to a series of collages that is built up over time (normally on a regular, ongoing basis) and typically involves modern ephemera. Glue books are often of mixed media and difficult to generalize because each artist's style is different, but they almost always involve some kind of gluing, hence the name.

So in a nut shell, a glue book is a book of mixed media collage art in whatever style the artist chooses!!

For the swap I am hosting we are doing a miniature version of a glue book by using a 3.5" x 4.5" composition book we found at our local dollar stores!!

 Each participant is to decorate the outside  their book and then do a few pages inside which include a preface page of what their book is to be about and an artist sign in page.Some of our artists have never created Zetti art so this swap is an introduction to the fantabulous world of "Zetti"  Each artist though will have a theme for their book. Once the book is finished each book gets sent out to the next artist who is participating in the swap. That artist creates a couple of pages keeping in the theme of the book and then pass's it on o the next artist so on and so on until book has been through all participants and then flies back home to it's original author.

I can tell ya, there is some INCREDIABLE art work going on and I have the great privilege of being able to give you page peeks as they fly my way!! Here are a few examples so far!!

Now from my participants!

             Can't wait to see what Aprils book has to tell us!! !!!
Don't you just love Lynn's little Birdie!!!
what would Zetti be without the Circus!!!
last but not least a look at a completed spread
Can you believe all this talent going on? It just gets my muse drooling and craving more! Speaking of more, there WILL be more to come as I bring this glue book journey to my blog!! Drop in each week and see more amazing art from our fellow art sisters as our books travel the globe in and out of the studios of some talented creative gals! I am soo excited to have been given the opportunity to host this fun swap/round robin.