Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Birds Eye View

Hi everyone,
Well as promised here is a sneak peek at what is going on with my Glue Book Round Robin! Last week I received my first book to have fun with. Unfortunately I didn't get to begin until this weekend due to my fathers illness and hospital stay, but how awesome it was to come home and relieve some stressful days by spending time in the studio!!


Lynn Brittons book titled "A Birds Eye View is getting off to an amazing start!!
Take a look at some of her personal artwork found in her book.....

Lynn's book came to me from the very talented April Cole
 April created a wonderful Frida Kahlo spread! Who doesn't love a little Frida!!

Next here's a look at the spread yours truly added to her book.
  "Always Be Yourself"!!


 I am enjoying this event so much and cannot wait to show you more as the books role this way. I hope you will continue to join me for more next week!! Until then have a beautiful week, Be yourself and GET YOUR ART ON!!!!!

 You can find links to Lynn and April's personal sites over on my side bar

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scissors, Paper and Glue Books

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

Whew have I been a busy crazy girl lately!! Yeah Yeah, I'm crazy all the time but hey- Busy, Busy,   can make a gal crazy can I have an AMEN!! LOL

 So much creativity going on in my world you just would not believe it!! As most of you know I have taken a little time off to participate in the Anthology of An Art Doll class by Mary Jane Chadbourne. I'm currently working on doll number 3 of 5 while learning to sculpt!

I know I know, only doll 3?   Yep, I am slow but oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day right? LOL  But I'm sure having some fun!!!

Now what some of you don't know however is that I am also hosting a swap over in 'The Studio-A Thriving Artist Community" started by April Cole on facebook!! What an amazing group of artists!!!  (click on the link above to no more on how to join all are welcome!!) 

 Artists running with scissors, slinging paint, paper, glue and gesso EVERYWHERE!!

The swap is called "Mini Glue Book Round Robin" What is a "Glue Book" some of you may be wondering?  Well the urban dictionary defines it as this: What is a gluebook?
In short, a glue book is whatever you want it to be. Helpful, eh? ;) Generally the term refers to a series of collages that is built up over time (normally on a regular, ongoing basis) and typically involves modern ephemera. Glue books are often of mixed media and difficult to generalize because each artist's style is different, but they almost always involve some kind of gluing, hence the name.

So in a nut shell, a glue book is a book of mixed media collage art in whatever style the artist chooses!!

For the swap I am hosting we are doing a miniature version of a glue book by using a 3.5" x 4.5" composition book we found at our local dollar stores!!

 Each participant is to decorate the outside  their book and then do a few pages inside which include a preface page of what their book is to be about and an artist sign in page.Some of our artists have never created Zetti art so this swap is an introduction to the fantabulous world of "Zetti"  Each artist though will have a theme for their book. Once the book is finished each book gets sent out to the next artist who is participating in the swap. That artist creates a couple of pages keeping in the theme of the book and then pass's it on o the next artist so on and so on until book has been through all participants and then flies back home to it's original author.

I can tell ya, there is some INCREDIABLE art work going on and I have the great privilege of being able to give you page peeks as they fly my way!! Here are a few examples so far!!

Now from my participants!

             Can't wait to see what Aprils book has to tell us!! !!!
Don't you just love Lynn's little Birdie!!!
what would Zetti be without the Circus!!!
last but not least a look at a completed spread
Can you believe all this talent going on? It just gets my muse drooling and craving more! Speaking of more, there WILL be more to come as I bring this glue book journey to my blog!! Drop in each week and see more amazing art from our fellow art sisters as our books travel the globe in and out of the studios of some talented creative gals! I am soo excited to have been given the opportunity to host this fun swap/round robin.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Dollie Of A Week and A WINNER to Boot!!!

Hi everyone, How are ya'll?
Well, Yours truly  is taking some time off  to be a student and letting my muse run free and wild!!

What have I been learning you might be wondering? Well I have been taking a class from the Magnificent "Mary Jane Chadbourne" over at Artful Gathering!! I have been sitting in the Imaginarium listening, watching,  gluing and painting and getting my hands all kinds of dirty creating "The Girls"!!

I have two completed and I can tell you I am smittened! I love them already and they have found a niche' in my little atelier of their very own. So with out further ado let me introduce you to

"The Girls"

"Sassy Girl"

"Practical Joker"

I have had so much fun creating these girls and believe it or not  they have just spoken to me all the way through the creative process
If you have never taken a class with Mary Jane let me tell you she is AWESOME!!  Such a kindred spirit with a total knack for teaching. Her creations are magnificent and she is just so personable. Her classes are just amazing you just want to keep watching her over and over. She is always there to answer all your questions. I have learned so much. Can you tell what a great time I am having?
Anyway today I just wanted to introduce you to my girls and share a little about Artful Gathering Classes. Click on the link to see more!!
No for the Big Announcement!! Thank you to all who visited the blog and left such sweet comments. And to those who tried to post but couldn't and let me know on Facebook!! Not sure why you couldn't post but I hope I have the problem fixed!!
The WINNER of The Canvas Giveaway is..............
#10 KIM!!!!!!
Kim please email me at  with your full name, snail mail addy and your choice of the two canvases ASAP.
Well, that's it for this week all. Please remember I welcome your comments. I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen and will join me back here next week as I bring you more ART, news and possibly even a swap!!
For now the girls and I wish you a Beautiful sunshine filled artful day and lots of hugs!!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday To Man's Best Friend

Just popping in to show off my bestest buddy!!!
 He is always by my side and loves hanging out in my atelier with me!! He is such an amazing pet but he is so much more, he is my best friend!! Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Gman, Mom and Dad love you more than words can say and so very thankful we have been blessed with such an amazing friend!!!
Have a Blessed day everyone and Don't forget to hug your pet today!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

One Image Postcard

Back again. Today I bring you some of the creations I have been working on for The "One Image Postcard" swap I am in over at "The Studio" A thriving artist community on Facebook.  The idea was to cut a postcard from a white substrate (mixed media worthy) and stamp one image on it. Then you were to mail the cards out to each member of the group and have them complete it. Here are two of my finished pieces

Postcard #1

The stamped image was the octopus you see. I then covered the substrate with a beach themed napking and then added more layers with paint and collage images. I used CrowAbout StudioB's  "Just Beachy kit to create my Octomaid!!
Postcard #2

The stamped image here was the dancer you see in the sun radiance. Once again I layered the background with some paper and paint and then added some collage. This time I used images from
 itKuPiLLi 'Something Else"
All of these kits can be found over at
I still have one more to do and will sow it off a little later on. Thanks for peeking in and I hope you have enjoyed what you see. If you would like to join in on some swaps then check out our wonderful group on Facebook.  It is a closed group but we welcome all!! Some amazing art going on over there!!
                                                                    Happy Arting everyone!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Did someone say Doll House?

Hi everyone,
Hoping you are having a MARVELOUS art filled day. I wanted to share with you a couple of canvas pieces I did for the ever popular CrowAbout StudioB using her new kit

                                                                      "Mizfit Doll House"

Her kit is a part of Deviant Scraps CYOC (Collect your own collaboration) sale going on right now!! Be sure and check out all the artists the Misfit Doll House Collaboration! Lots of goodies and  AWESOME STUFF!!!

I created these sweet 4x4 wrapped canvas mixed media pieces using the sweet beings of Nancy's kit after creating my own backgrounds.

I typically create all my own backgrounds BUT, this kit also has it's own backgrounds so if your not a DIY background person or are in a hurry the backgrounds in ALL of her kits are Terrific!!!

Now on to the completed art............


I can wait to show you what else I have been up to but for now this will have to do!!
OH BUT WAIT!!! There's more........
 I am going to be giving away YOUR pick of these two canvas's in a drawing!! All you have to do is leave a comment  in the comments section and after I have received 20 comments I will use my random number generator and A winner will be announced!!. You will need to keep checking back to see where we are in the comments numbers and to find out who the lucky winner is!! There will be lots of good stuff to check out in the mean time!!
Well that's all for today my friends. I hope you continue to join me here and I hope YOU are the Lucky winner!!!
                                                         Until Next Time,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Work Work Work!

Hi everyone, WOW where did the time go? Vacation did not seem quite long enough or maybe it was a little too long. Do I have you confused yet? heehee!

While on vacation what started out as an exciting time became an OMG after obtaining a nice long case of food poisoning the first night on the road. By night 3 I found myself begging in the Biloxi Regional Medical Center ER for IV fluids and ANYTHING that would stop this awful crisis. I did receive some amazing care and by night 4 I was able to at least sit upright for longer than a few   minutes to see The Biloxi Little Theatres performance of one of my most favorite movies

 "Steel Magnolias"

It I might say was AWESOME!!!!!

We did manage to have a lovely visit with my family while there. Then after coming back we had more family  venture in from Fla. Great time and fun. We even spent time sharing art ideas and I was able to turn them on to a few cool web sites for art supplies!! Can't wait to see what they create.

After they left I have been diligently spending time in the studio completing projects. I wanted to get my travel tubes listed before now but after a week long bout with the food poisoning and then going right in to having out of state company well this gal was totally pooped (no pun intended) LOL!!

But all is well now and so without further ado check out what I have been up to!!

Yep, these two pieces of art have been completed and listed in my etsy store! They are so hard to get rid of (I really need to make one for myself) but away they must go to the shop.

 Here's the link:

I am creating more as these are my passion right now. I will be creating some really cool items as well as I am gearing up to venture out into the Art Show world this fall. So please keep coming back and checking out what I am doing. I hope to start doing some small free online classes and swaps soon so please keep peeking in.

Until next time,
                                             Happy Arting!!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Wooo hoo,
Just a little tidbit to share with you today!!First, Please know all of you who are watching my Etsy for more Travel tubes--- I have been steadily working on more!! I have 4 in the process and was hoping to get them listed before leaving for vacation. But doesn't look like it will happen. So with that said, I will be listing them the week of  May 12th. And in honor of Moms everywhere, be watching you just never know there may be a limited discount coupon!!! Just say'n!! LOL

So here's a little something I conjoured up last week.

Images used were from CrowAbout StudioB's  "Funky People Parts 2 and LaVie Bohome"
You can get yours over at
 It's SALE TIME!!!

And to all of my art sista's
YOU ARE ALL QUEENS in my book so FANCY ON!!!

Well that's it. Now off to finish packing because this chickee's gonna be heading south come morning!!!

                                              Bear Huggs and Fruit Loop Kisses my artsy friends!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone and thanks for popping by!!

 I have been away for awhile busy busy in the studio!! I have started a new journey with my art and I am soooo excited!! I have had some wonderful opportunities over the last year and I want to say THANK YOU to all of those who have journeyed with me. I have grown a lot through my experiences and would not trade any of them for the world. They have fashioned my art and help me find my true muse! 

If you haven't noticed Atelier Mel'odee has a new look!! Yeah me!! It's not quite done yet but we are steadily working. So please excuse me while I blossom!! ;0)

 I have also opened up an etsy store!! Double Yeah! I must admit I was a little scared but thanks to some wonderful magnifico art sista's whom I am proud to call friend I took the plunge!! Now to get busy and fill it up!! LOL

Actually I had my first sale YIPPEEEEE, but you will have to come back tomorrow to see what's cook'n!!

So much going on right now there's just not time to tell all,  so for now let me just share  a cool event happening right now!!!!

If your not aware already there is an AMAZING sale going on now over at Lots of fun and good stuff going on over there!!  Amazing Collage kits for all your needs!! Head on over and join us!!

Well, that's really all I have to share with you today. Please keep coming back as I travel on my new journey. There will be LOTS of surprises to come and I am sooo excited. I love comments so please feel free to leave one.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing with you again!!

                                                                    Bear Huggs and Fruit Loop Kisses

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time For CreativiTEA

Happy Saturday Everyone and Welcome!!  This month over at our design team is teaming up with Leaky Shed Studio's  makers of some really awesome chipboard products!! Our theme is Tea cups and Tiara's. So, in keeping with this months cross promotion and  needing to create something for the "UNRULY PAPAER ARTS" E-zine I decided to alter one of their sweet little chipboard  tea cup and saucer pieces and incorporate it into my handmade Tea Bag gift Book .

Love this chipboard piece. I took bits and pieces of  Graphic 45's Secret Garden paper and collaged the tea cup and saucer. I then used some gold embossing powder and embossed the edges to give the tea cup that sweet rich vintage teacup look. Once completed I then adhered it to the cover of my handmade teabag book.
This little 5x7 book makes such a great gift for that special someone who loves tea!! I created it using the Secret garden paper and some purple cardstock. I then created little tags using a tea cup image from AlteredPages's collage sheet  "Tea Party Flowers" and adding a sweet quote about tea.
This little book has 6 little pockets just right for will holding 6 single serving tea bags or  whatever you would want to place in them.
I had such a wonderful time creating this and can't wait to send it to a special person!!. I think she is just going to love it!!
Well that's it for today.  I want to Thank Unruly Paper Arts E-zine for featuring my little book in their April 2014 edition. If you have not seen there wonderful art e-zine just click on the link to head over and become a subscriber!!  
Nana loves you!!
Happy Spring everyone!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Springtime Tea in Paris Triptych Fun

Hi everyone, Just popping in to show you a little fun I had and to offer you one of my free dimensional Triptych templates!! I created this fun springtime triptych using my own triptych pattern and G45's Secret Garden papers!!

 I also used a collage image from AlteredPages collage sheet "Victorian Tea"
. Triptychs are so fun and really quite easy to create.

 I used my template and cut the triptych pieces out of old cereal boxes and the cardboard that comes in those paper packs!! I LOVE recycling!!! I then used some  Gold UTEE which you can find over at Retro CafĂ© and embossed the pieces.

 I also rubbed a little Patina Gilders paste on the pieces to give them a little aged metal appearance. Next I  altered an image of the Victorian Tea collage sheet on my computer and then fussy cut it to use along with some pieces of G45 Secret Garden. Then putting everything together and adding eyelets and ribbon for hinges, a little bling and there you have it!! Oh, I also covered the back of my triptych pieces with a beautiful napkin  sent  to me by one of my super art sisters. It worked perfect for my Springtime Tea in Paris theme.

 I hope their new owners enjoy them!! Well, that's it for today. If you would like a copy of my triptych template drop me a comment with your email addy and I will email a pattern out to you!! The only thing I ask is that you send me a picture of your completed triptych so I may feature it here on my blog!!

Tah Tah for now all and please remember I love and appreciate your comments!!



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Little Sunny Inspiration On Trending Tuesday

Hi Everyone and HAPPY SPRING!! Well, almost spring!!

This wonderful sunshine has me arting up a storm and getting caught up on projects!! Speaking of projects look what's Trending over at AlteredPages-Artsociates this fine Tuesday morning

This months trending Tuesday is all about collage art and stencils!! So I decided during my catching up I would finish week 6 ( yeah I told you I was behind!! LOL)  planner pages using stencils and collage images from Altered Pages and a little inspiration from the ever so AMAZING art of
Sunny Carvalho (with Ms. Sunny's permission of course).

I love art journals and collage art so this was the perfect fun! I laid down some vintage dictionary pages and then some gesso. Next drew my images and then began adding color. Next I used my gelatos and the Tile texture stencil and did some stenciling. I love how I can just rub a little gelato on the stencil it self and then with just a little damp paint brush swipe it over the stencils and VOILE!! so easy!! Next I copied AP's collage sheet cigar bands and cut out the little start on her dress. Next added some doodling and some words and she is all done!
Here's a pic of  the original print from Sunny.

You can find more of her Amazing art here.....

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post! Keep coming back as I show more goodies that I have been getting caught up on and don't forget to drop in on the Altered Pages Blog to see more from our wonderful design team!!!

Have a Wonderful Tuesday my artsy peeps!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO