Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone and thanks for popping by!!

 I have been away for awhile busy busy in the studio!! I have started a new journey with my art and I am soooo excited!! I have had some wonderful opportunities over the last year and I want to say THANK YOU to all of those who have journeyed with me. I have grown a lot through my experiences and would not trade any of them for the world. They have fashioned my art and help me find my true muse! 

If you haven't noticed Atelier Mel'odee has a new look!! Yeah me!! It's not quite done yet but we are steadily working. So please excuse me while I blossom!! ;0)

 I have also opened up an etsy store!! Double Yeah! I must admit I was a little scared but thanks to some wonderful magnifico art sista's whom I am proud to call friend I took the plunge!! Now to get busy and fill it up!! LOL

Actually I had my first sale YIPPEEEEE, but you will have to come back tomorrow to see what's cook'n!!

So much going on right now there's just not time to tell all,  so for now let me just share  a cool event happening right now!!!!

If your not aware already there is an AMAZING sale going on now over at Lots of fun and good stuff going on over there!!  Amazing Collage kits for all your needs!! Head on over and join us!!

Well, that's really all I have to share with you today. Please keep coming back as I travel on my new journey. There will be LOTS of surprises to come and I am sooo excited. I love comments so please feel free to leave one.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing with you again!!

                                                                    Bear Huggs and Fruit Loop Kisses

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