Monday, May 5, 2014


Wooo hoo,
Just a little tidbit to share with you today!!First, Please know all of you who are watching my Etsy for more Travel tubes--- I have been steadily working on more!! I have 4 in the process and was hoping to get them listed before leaving for vacation. But doesn't look like it will happen. So with that said, I will be listing them the week of  May 12th. And in honor of Moms everywhere, be watching you just never know there may be a limited discount coupon!!! Just say'n!! LOL

So here's a little something I conjoured up last week.

Images used were from CrowAbout StudioB's  "Funky People Parts 2 and LaVie Bohome"
You can get yours over at
 It's SALE TIME!!!

And to all of my art sista's
YOU ARE ALL QUEENS in my book so FANCY ON!!!

Well that's it. Now off to finish packing because this chickee's gonna be heading south come morning!!!

                                              Bear Huggs and Fruit Loop Kisses my artsy friends!!!

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