Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to Atelier Mel'odee

    Hi everyone and thank you for dropping by my new blog. It has been a very long time in the making and after several trials of other blogs and just not being satisfied, I have finally managed to get it up and going. Let me start by introducing myself. 

    I am Melodee. A mixed media artist totally in love with the world of creating. I am a retired (I prefer retired over disabled) RN who after a long bout with a serious illness  now has the blessing of spending most of my time with family and creating in my studio " Atelier Mel'odee".
    I love experimenting with all types of art with a true passion for vintage and oddities. I love anything rusty, crusty, tattered, old and torn, funky, zany and Patina, Patina, Patina. I even love creating shabby chic and re purposing what others may call junk (I call even the oddest of junk TREASURE!!! YEAH BABY!!). So with that said, you will probably from time to time  see some of my shabby pretties.

     I  also love swaps and so truly enjoying the honor and blessing of owning a piece of art created by others from all over the globe. 

     My hopes for creating this blog is to show off my creations, not to boast by any means, but in hopes that it will inspire creativity and allow the inner artful muse in those who stop by to flow and maybe even help heel a broken soul. 

                            My Favorite art quote of all is by Stella Adler and states this,


                                     No words were ever truer!

This is why you will find me in my atelier on days when life is just to crazy and I need the peace that only my Lord and my art can give. This is where the wonderful world of creativity comes alive and my muse begins to flow outwardly.

    So once again thank you for stopping by. I plan on hosting a few swaps and posting some wonderful art of my fellow art sista's (with permission of course) not to mention maybe some tutorials in the future. Who knows what will happen here. I do enjoy your comments so please feel free to leave them. I do ask that when posting comments on art works especially those of my sweet artisan family that you would leave only inspiring and uplifting ones.

    Also please remember the creations you see here are OURS and I ask that you do NOT copy or re post without permission. So, I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far and that you will grab your very favorite cup of wonderful goodness, head on over to your very own atelier or special place and come back again!

Until next time,
  Art on my friends, art on!


  1. Hello Miss Melodee! I am so happy to find your blog!! It is lovely and I love the pieces you showed!! I can't wait to see more!!! I am following you now. Proud to be #2 LOL!!!
    I too am "retired" but not old enough to be. Thank goodness we have our art!! A quote that I wrote seems fitting here. "In time, I finally found the answer to the question WHY! Because this is where I'm supposed to be." That is why we are here making art, don't you think?

  2. welcome to blogland. I must admit that little quote really touched a chord with me. TFS