Sunday, November 17, 2013

One Jolly Soul With Something BiG To Crow About!

Hi everyone and greetings from Mo.!!  I hope all of you have been enjoying this most beautiful month of  November while gearing up for the holidays!! I have been busy in my little atelier here in the Ozarks gearing up for all the fun going on throughout Blog land and at home as well. Designing designing designing and trying to figure out how to add in some quality outdoor time with my Mr. Wonderful!! Fall is a BIG time here in the Ozarks as I am sure it is in a lot of other places. The leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler (or at least it is supposed to be. LOL).  
Pumpkins, hay bales and scarecrows adorn porches
 and around here, the crows are crowing their little heads off!!!
Yep, those little black fellas are making their presence known and taking a leisurely walk through the woods, leaves one at times needing earplugs.  But, I love to hear them as it is always a sign fall is here.
Speaking of Crows.......  I have a big exciting announcement to make and have been choking on my tongue trying to keep quiet until all the details were worked out!! Some of you read about it on my FB page and some may not have. But, I am ready to make the big reveal!! Yours truly is proud to announce "I have been accepted as a new member of CrowAbout StudioB  design team!    Don't know who CrowAbout StudioB is? Shamey! Shamey! if you are an art journal crazy like myself and do not know!! LOL!  To find out more about Nancy Baumiller and Crowabout click here She herself designs for Deviant Scrap.  And now for my very first original and official design!!  Are ya ready LOL!! Here we go..................................
TAH DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used snips and snippets from CrowAbout's newest kit Merry & Bright Digi Kit
 as well as the Cutie Patootie kit and Funky Holiday dress-Up kit. Nancy has some most amazing digi kits and they can be found over at Deviant Scrap!
 I am just so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be designing for TWO great companies. Thank you to Nancy at CrowAbout StudioB and Jean over at Altered Pages for the opportunity. I have no doubt it's going to be an amazing journey!!
   I hope you have enjoyed today's post and will keep coming back  for more creative fun and to find some upcoming challenges, swaps and giveaways and tutorials!! So for now I bid all of you farewell as it is time for me to head back to my little atelier and get my art on. I will be back Tuesday with more creative goodness and more BIG news!! 
Please remember I love your feedback so feel free to leave a comment!!
Toot-a-loo my artsy friends!!


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  1. The colors in these are phenomenal. I am amazed! Awesome!