Saturday, January 31, 2015

You Can Become!

So excited to share one of my big adventures this year.  I had to choose a word for a group I am in that would explain my goals for 2015. It was kind of hard at first but after everything last year and some changes that I need to make I decided to go with "BECOME"  which hits on a lot of the things I want to do this year not just for me personally but with my art as well and what I learned along my journey last year.  What did I learn from last year you might wonder? Well, what I took away from last year bringing forth into this year is this,  before any of us "Become" or transform, metamorphosis, grow, trust etc I think we need to be reminded to...........



I created these altered playing cards for a swap in the "Enchanted Imaginarium" for an art sister who chose this as her one word for the year. As I created I was reminded None of us can move forwarded if we DON'T BELIEVE! We MUST BELIEVE WE CAN!!

 So if you are a sister who says I Can't for what ever reason remember


 always be reminded you CAN if you only BELIEVE!!
Tah Tah for now,

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