Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunshine and Catching Up

Oh my, what a Beauteous day here in Ozark Mountain Country!! The sun is shining through the window of my little atelier, got a little "Five for Fighting playing in the background and my paint stained hands are busy busy busy.

 I haven't been on in a while do to trying to get a little spring cleaning done in the atelier!! Things are looking better and WHEW!! How does one have so much stuff!! Oh well it's done and soon I will bring new pics of my sweet junky studio!! But for now let me show you what I have been doing!

First trying to get caught up on my DLP (daily life project) pages. Lawdy how I got behind but I am slowly getting caught up!! Ever feel like you just stay behind LOL!!!
Anyway here's some pics of my week 10 pages.

Don't just love this little guy!! He totally cracks me up, but then I crack myself up!! LOL!
The prompt was create a bird page so as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do I got a message from my ever so awesome fearless leader Nancy Baumiller of CrowAbout StudioB that the new kit "Blissful Journey"  was ready for us to create our magic with. So, knowing duty calls I grabbed the images and began creating. I also combined it with a few collage images from Tumble fish Studio and a few magazine scraps to create my Quirky Bird pages!!!

Now off to work on so more designs!! Be sure and check out tomorrows post for more artful creations!!

And be watching in the weeks to come for a new look right here at:


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