Sunday, September 22, 2013

For The Love Of Steampunk

Steampunk, Steampunk, Steampunk , Oh how I love Steampunk!!

What began as a literary genre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporated the techno and social aspects of the 1900's has now evolved into so much more. Through the eyes and hands of artists all over the world "Steampunk" has been taken to a whole new level.  I am constantly amazed by the varying combinations of artistry and components from metal fixtures and gadgets to the wondrous thing-a- ma-bobs and Victorian industrial style!! It's flavor is unending and constantly delicious!!

With a love for creating the odd, and collecting the unwanted tainted pieces of what some may call "Junk"  I have formed a passion and true love for steampunk . It is not just the literary genre involving steam powered technology yet a beautiful art form using brass, copper and glass, polished wood, hammering, engraving, and oh the details for the sake of details with a Victorian Industrial twist.  An art form that shows itself through ones own unique personality and artistic interpretation. While some see my collection of  junk ( old gears, washers, chains etc.) in the drawers of my atelier, as an artist I see so much more.   So in honor of Steampunk and all Steampunk lovers everywhere I bring you today a piece I created using some of my old so called "junk" and some collage images from



Introducing "?"
Hmmm, She doesn't have a name yet but I will get back to that in a moment. Right now I want to share with you the name of the collage sheet I used to create this one of a kind Steampunk lavalliere which can be found at The collage sheet is called "Exotic Beauties" and is a marvelous set of images  of  exotic women perfect for that steampunk piece or your upcoming Halloween art!  AP has some amazing collage sheets and I bet you will be able to find just the right images for your next project be it SteamPunk, Halloween or something else.!!
Now for the rest of the story!! 
Like what you see here? Well, I am hosting a "Name my Lavalliere"  challenge starting today! Here is how it works. In my comment section leave your idea of a name for my piece and if you have not yet become a follower click on the "follow this blog" link by September 30th 2013. Winner will be announced here on the blog and on my facebook page on October 1st, 2013 and the lucky winner will receive his or her very own SteamPunk piece!!  I am so excited to see what amazing names you all come up with!! So tell your fellow artists and friends about what is going on and get those thinking caps on!!! So until next time my steamy followers, have a beautiful punked out day  and remember to check out all the amazing products  at



  1. Beautiful piece of jewelry! I think Olivia is a beautiful name!

  2. for this Beautiful piece... Almira...!

  3. Hi Melodee...This piece turned out beautifully. Your Steampunk Siren definitely looks like a "Lorelei" to me. ;0)
    Jackie Davidson

  4. Alexia is speaking to me... very beautiful. I adore everything Steampunk. New follower here.

  5. Hi Melodee! I just began following your blog. I love Steampunk and would love to win this. Name : Giselle, because all Steampunk started in France.

  6. Hi, I think it is a beautiful piece and very unique. I went with the Victorian name Lavinia. Just seemed to go with the piece.

  7. ** LOVELY ** work Melodee ~xx
    name - Athena goddess is speaking to me here...

  8. Gorgeous work! She calls herself Minerva to me.

  9. The Pendent is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it! It would be a great accessory for any Steampunk costume!

  10. And the WINNER IS #7 APRIL COLE!!!!! April please email your addy to!!